Best practice facebook advertising.

Define your primary goal. Do you want more website visits, likes or fans. You have to define becaurse facebook will put you in one of that schemes. If you never made advertising on Facebook start with likes. As more likes you have as more popular you look like.

  1. Never buy target groups false Fans!
  2. Make a offer in your add for example a free e-book or another giveaway.
  3. Use a clear and directly call to action
  4. Use Images. Try to use different images to test which performs best Take a look on facebook for the bast size. Min 600px width!
  5. Use only 20% text. To ensure use the facebook ad grid tool
  6. Use the awesome and unique targeting options for fb. Targets could be language, location, age, gender, workplace, relationship status, education and many more.
    Only talk to people who are interested in you offer. For that you should use the targeting options from fb too.
  7. Reactive old fans or get new ones that is totally up to you. Facebook helps you here as well.
  8. Facebook Ads performs best when you only reach a few thousand people. Below you’re to strict, above its not specific enough.
  9. If you have a mailing list you can create a audience matching on that mailing list. This will work great!

Any further tipps? Please make a comment below ty

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