Best practice facebook fanpage

The best practise facebook fanpage is a summary of tips from experts, lesson learned of successful fanpages and my own experience.

The perfect facebook post

The perfect facebook posting is for every site another becaurse most sites have there own target group. But here are some of the most importants general tips for facebook postings:

  • post less than 80 characters (23% more interaction)
  • use emoticons (33% more comments)
  • question posts (100% more comments)
  • Quotes (26% more likes and 19% more shares)
  • around 1pm you get most shares
  • around 3 pm you get most clicks
  • most interaction you get by thursday and friday post.
  • Try to post every day in the week. Maybe the multiplication is only online on monday!
  • Use most shareable title words and sentence construction
  • Post relevant content for your target group. If someone likes your post her friends will notice!
  • Use not the autogenerated picture. Put a own big one into the post.
  • Make a external link nice an small. Use bitly for example

facebook posting idears

Facebook-Post: „Hello everyone our trainees are ready!“
Customer: “Wow who cares? I’m still missing the dislike button!”
Mother of Trainee: “Ouuuuwwwwww my baby” LIKE
Do you see the problem? Right the mother of the trainee is not your customer who pays your bills. Lets post only interesting things to your target group.

Postings ideas:

  • like vs share post
  • like vs share or comment for both post
  • Make a Facebook contest matching to your target group.
    (All want to have a ipad but you should not want a like from all!) btw there is an app for it 😉
  • Free Downloads
  • thank you postings “OMG “100 like” (^-^) guys are so amazing! We Ask Postings
  • like “How old are you?” (get to know your fans)
  • poll postings
  • tag fans on a image
  • community picture gallery. Let your fans send you pictures of there own usage of
  • the product and publish them collected!
  • Make a Contest posting
  • Videos brings your fans crazy! Its not so important o make own for the beginning. But pay attention if in the video is promotion for the competition. It’s not effective. It’s just stupid!
  • Make fun Post Like #ThrowbackThursday
  • Make a fill out the blanks _______ posting. Like Finish the lyrics of a cartoon song
  • Quote postings
  • make a mome post (

Facebook fanpage dont’s

  • Never ever buy facebook likes.
    (Persons who like your page will get payed for it, be fake accounts or are not your target group!)
  • Don’t answering fan comments.
  • No Rules when more then one person post. For example you have a band. The singer likes another band for the music, the guitars did a hate posting for a month. One has stretched his girlfriend!
  • Make no lessons learned. A posting was often liked or shard. Hey try to transfer the posting idea for the future
  • Posting no relevant content. You have a facebook site for a gym. The fan is not directly interested in your offer. He is interested in getting more muscles, loosing fat or back pain!
  • Write all informations in the post. Make only one introductory sentence, which makes hunger to more

Increase your facebook site range

  • Invite your friends.
  • Use Facebook Ads.
  • Use Call to action in your postings.
  • Write about relevant content for your target group.
  • Use #hastags in your posting

Nice to Knew

  • Not all of your fans see your post. Only 10-15% which facebook chooses via the EdgeRank algorithm. If you want to increase that amount you have to open your purse!
  • Milestone could put something more in the view of your fans.
  • You don’t need a facebookpage if you want make an advertising

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