How you find a targeted content strategy for your Blog

After the following tutorial you should able to the answer the following questions about content strategy:

  • What strategic content planning is?
  • Why should i use a content strategy?
  • The difference between content marketing and – strategy?
  • How to develop and be successful with content strategy?

definition of content strategy

Content strategy is the planning, creating and managing of content. For example Content could be a article, video or podcast.

the advantages

There’re a couple of reasons why content strategy is so importent. But here are the four most important.

Content that fits 100% to your target group

That relevant content increase your customers satisfaction. They will also recognizes that you are offering thematic relevance content and they will now regularly visit your website on their own.

A content strategy provides an good overview.

With this overview, you can avoid duplication of content and on the basis of the content that has been already created, it can be concluded which new content would be useful. So there is an increased depth of content.

content coherence

With a coherence content you can ensure that your content have a context.

internal links

With a meaningful substantive linkage you get lucky visitors and a expert status, which is rewarded by google with better ranking in the search results.

the difference  between content marketing and – strategy

With a content strategy you take a look at your own current state of content, you analyse your target group, define goals for your contents and what you need to do to reach them.

With content marketing you try to promote your website by particularly good content. When you do content marketing you look on other websites which your visitors maybe find also interesting but you also look which links could be profitably for your own website. Based on that knowledge you create relevant content which fit perfektly to that profitable links from the external site. The conclusion will be that you get social cues, positive PR and a backlink to your own website without active link building„.

build up a content strategy

This part here could be very big thats why i keep it very basic and i’ll just put links in here to much more interesting content.

Content Audit

Create a survey of your existing content. For example could you use your sitemap for the initial content strategy audit. Order your content by topic, as well as on the forms of the content. Possible forms of content could be articles, pdf downloads, e-books, newsletters, videos, checklists, infographics, podcasts, interviews or event free tools.

visitor analysis

Find out the intention of your target group, if they visited your Blog. What demographic characteristics they have and what your visitors are interested in.

combine the content audit with you visitor analysis

If you know what of your existing content was particularly interesting for your visitors. Your can you get a recommendation for new content.

Define your content goals

What are the goals you want to achieve with the new content. That goals could be sales, newsletter registrations or any other conversion goals. For different types of content, there are usually a number of goals which should be combined and coordinated. Try to define smart goals.


What is the measure that i need and the nessesary channel to reach my defined goals? Is the question you have to answer. A useful tool for editorial planning  should consider the following things:

  • content type
  • topic
  • publication day
  • channel
  • author
  • deadline
  • state

monitoring your content strategy

Think about which KPIs are suitable to monitor the success of your content strategy continuously. While you’re doing that you could get a lessons learned from your KPIs to create even more successful content in the future!


A content strategy should be a must for every blog, website or e-commerce platform owner. „Content is king“ is not a new sentence but building realy relevant content without analyzes, strategic planning and continuous improvement. Is like searching a destination without knowing the way. Maybe you’ll learn even more about your environment. But you will also go lanes unnecessarily several times.

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