DIY market research in 20 minutes

Find out everything what your target audience is thinking and talking about on Facebook & Twitter. See how your competition is successfully and be able to get a visual pattern identification of your target audience. Sounds like a impossible mission in 20 minutes but you will see that it will be possible Mr. Ethan Hunt.

Note: I talked to Michael Sperk (one of the software developers) of the free tool we will use later and he said that the tool works best with english and german social media sides. So please note if you maybe want to make a market research for something which does not so known in these speaking countries you better stop here for this time. For all other guys welcome and lets go!

Minute 1-5: Think about yourself

About what you write on your blog, what kind of products you have, what kind of goal you pursue with your website?

For example: One of my blogs is That blog is about cosplayer and cosplay events. My goal with this blog is to earn some money with it, to finance itself and this hobby. But I also want to share me with other cosplayers. The language of my choice might be German. But in America there are many more people who’re interested in cosplay. So I start first of all with english and later i’ll take a look on the german sides again to find some market and location specific things.

Minute 5-10: Grab the big ones

Now for the first time we’re searching focused on Facebook, Twitter and Google. Who’re the „famous cosplayer“ with the most likes/follower and what are the top 3 sides on google, Maybe you find any more facebook sides or persons who could be intresting via that sides. Take the top 3 facebook or twitter sides with the biggest range and follow me to the next minutes.

Minute 10-12: Omg

Open the visalyze tool paste your top 3 Names in (only the names not the url).


Click on Visalyze NOW and get a awesome map like this. Play a lil bit to understand. You will recognize that you can’t use more pages, see only the last 3 days and i think Michael told me that you could answer on comments direct via the tool. That might be premium options i think but to get an idear of what your target group is interested in. I find it a great tool.


Minute 12-19: Analysis for market research

Okay lets throw out all adjectives and words which fits to them like „job“ which was a combination word i think. I did it with my favorite image editoring software. When you’re finished you get something like this.

Words which left:

visual content market research without adjectives

  • Cosplay
  • Ivy/Poison Ivy
  • Costume
  • Paint
  • Video/Vlogs
  • Jessica
  • Ryuu
  • Harley
  • Maine/Bangor Maine
  • Face Paint
  • Ryuu Lavitz Cosplay
  • etc.


If you did that you’ll be able to make a conclusion. Lets take on with the words which left.

  • „Maine/Bangor Maine“
    Its a place from a cosplay convention.
    conclusion –>Not realy intresting to travel for my readers in germany.
  • „Ryuu Lavitz Cosplay“ & „Jessica“
    Fame Cosplayers
    conclusion –> My visitors will find them interesting. Write a article!

The words which left now could be intresting in single articles but they could also be intresting in a combination or in a article series. Poison Ivy & Harley are characters from batmen (DC Comics). Ryuu from the game Final Fantasy.

A new category for my blog could be „Cosplay Costumes“ with a articles series how to make a Poison Ivy & Harley Cosplay Costume, with face/-painting video tutorials. Maybe there’re also some germans working on it and i could support them and they me.

Minute 19-20: Make a Comment

Make a Comment how you find my idea of making a market research with that tool.

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